CBC Radio Interview with Rebekah Maxner

It has been an exciting week! While having a new blog is pretty exciting in itself, beyond that I’ve had an article published in an international piano magazine and a radio interview that went national – all in one week! And to top it off, I’m January’s feature composer in a 2012 calendar of Canadian composers.

CBC Mainstreet called for an interview on Thursday, January 5. It aired on CBC Radio One at 5:15 p.m. during supper rush hour. Many of the questions focused on the last piece the band played on the night Titanic sank. Listen to the full interview here: mainstreetns_20120105_45048.mp3

And my Nearer My God To Thee elementary piano duet:

Clavier Companion published my article titled The story of music on board the RMS TITANIC. Several wonderful books have been published recently which discuss the identity of Titanic‘s musicians. In my article you can look inside the ship and read the story of music from the passengers’ point of view, learn where and when the bands performed, and experience first-hand accounts of the band’s final performance.

In the Clavier Companion article you can see images of:

  • Olympic‘s pianos, which give an idea of what pianos looked like on the Titanic
  • First Class Reception Room piano.
  • First Class Entrance Hall piano (top of the Grand Staircase)
  • Second Class Entrance, C Deck piano
  • First Class Dining Saloon piano
  • Restaurant Reception Room, B Deck, where the trio played.

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2 thoughts on “CBC Radio Interview with Rebekah Maxner

  1. Heard your interview re Titanic music the other day. From my grandfather's library, I have \”Sinking of the Titanic: World's Greatest Sea Disaster\” Edited by Thomas H. Russell and printed in 1912. In it there is a quote:\”'We rowed frantically away from the Titanic and were tied to four other boats. I arose and saw the ship sinking. The band was playing 'Nearer, My God to Thee.' — Mrs. W.J. Douton, a survivor, whose husband was drowned.\”If you are interested I can send digital photos of the book cover, page with the quote, and an illustration that says it's from the Toledo News-Bee.Dean Guglerdgugler@gmail.com


  2. Dean, I find your comment so interesting. I'd love to have your digital images! I might include them in a future post. It must mean a lot to you to have that book from your Grandfather's library. My grandfather was a sailor in the Canadian Navy in 1912, and at some point saw Titanic's sister ship, Olympic, in port in Halifax. Rebekah


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