Rebekah Maxner Titanic Researcher

Hello, fellow Titanic researcher! I share your keen interest in the grand liner. It is Titanic‘s music that interests me most. I’ve been researching Titanic music for several years now. My research began online and extended into a growing pile of books dedicated to the subject. At first I absorbed everything I read at face value and believed it all. I believed that the musicians performed their repertoire memorized, that the musicians played all over the ship, that the last piece performed on the night of the sinking was….

Then I noticed that Titanic‘s historians knew a lot about the Titanic but less about how music and musicians work in general. I noticed online discussions puzzling and questioning details that had simple answers to a trained musician. If you, too, have read some of these comments or posts online and wondered at their accuracy, I’m offering my perspective as a career musician to help you come to your own conclusions as you weigh the evidence.

To future Titanic authors and movie makers: I’m hoping this material will help you construct a more accurate telling of the story of music on board Titanic. I welcome your comments, questions and criticisms in the spirit of discussing a subject that interests us all.

Young performers present me with flowers and a gift after a Titanic Tribute Recital, April 1, 2012

On the piano are my two TITANIC Piano books

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TITANIC A Voyage in Piano Music, two piano books by Rebekah Maxner

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